Attachment.pngSo, like I said it’s been a rough one. We all have them random ass years/months/weeks where nothing goes right and it seems like the worlds against you but when you have a mental disorder it honestly feels like satan has landed. It’s as if he’s made a massive diss track against you and everyone’s joined in and you have to sit there and go with the flow.

After being off medication for over a year and a half I’ve come to conclusion to give them another chance. I’ve thought about it a lot over the last few months. It’s the hardest decision to make as it comes with soo many pros and cons. Not many people understand the dangers of them or what they actually do! I mean they literally pump chemicals into your brain and it takes months to get into your system. They often leave you feel like a numb zombie with no emotions or they go the opposite way and can make you feel every emotion going all at once. It can be hard to try and understand what your body is doing but it’s also hard for the ones around us to process it all. I’ve been on medication since 12 and had some pretty hard shit thrown at me. Medication ranging from antidepressants to meds like diazepam.

Luckily I’m on a medication that I’ve had before so it should be an easy ride. I’ll still keep my fingers crossed though as you never know eh?

I’d like to say thanks to everyone that’s been around for me the last couple of years, you’ll know who you are! Im forever grateful to have such a great support about it all. It’s a rare thing to have people understand me and want to stay around me while the hard times hit.

Never ever give up hope guys! It gets better… it may take time but it’ll be worth it. Pinky promise you.

Like I always say, if you ever need any help/information or want to ask anything please feel free to ask away.

Love Shannon xx

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