So yesterday was a rather strange yet such an amazing day! I can’t really put it into words at this minute, I’m just so overwhelmed with excitement and fear.

I started the Facebook page (silent whispers) way back in January with the aim to get people involved and together but it never really hit it off. It was mainly close friends that joined. To be honest I was rather scared to even try and attempt doing this whole thing. But last night I was so determined!. I was making posts left right and centre while typing up pages to print off for little booklets for people and I may have gone abit  over my head and created some simple business-like cards.

Attachment.pngThen just like a click of the fingers, I had people contact me and comment with such kind words being so supportive towards this whole thing saying things like ‘how this is a great idea and how they’d love to be apart of it’. I mean how amazing is that? I’m not going to lie but it made me that happy that it kind of set me off into a high mood 😂.

I went from 17 members to 68 in a matter of hours with floods of positive comments and posts. It melted my heart at the fact people were so supportive and that they think this will be a good idea. I’m more determined than ever to make this work what ever the outcome is. Although there will be complications along the way, if I can just help one person with their journey then my job is done. If I help more than that would be amazing!

Attachment_1.pngSometimes you just have to go for it and take baby steps to achieve what you want. It won’t happen over night, but don’t give up, pursue your dreams.

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