So it’s been pretty quiet on this front for a while and I apologies for that, things have been rather all over the place.
With the progression of the group along with the mixture of medication in my system, my mind has been on a rather cloudy road and has put me in a place of deflation.

Although my medication has sent me into a whirlwind of emotions I’ve tried to stay rather positive and productive even though its been hard at times because I’ve been asking myself so many questions. ‘Am i doing the right thing?’ ‘Are people going to take this group serious?’ ‘Can i make this all happen?’. These  are the types or questions that have been floating around my head endlessly. That’s the thing with my illness, it likes to collect and keep all questions that I ask myself and pile them into little clouds that float around until the storm comes and then it unloads them all at once just like how a storm does with the downpour of rain. But sometimes you have to learn to tell the bad storms to kindly piss off and break down them clouds bit by bit and that’s what I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks. I hope this explains the quietness. I would say i’m sorry for this but i don’t have to because its ok to not be ok sometimes. It took me a loooong time to realise that but no one should ever feel sorry for not feeling great or having a little downtime with their mind.

So what else has happened?
So I created a little ‘free positive thought poster’ that had various positive quotes and images attached to it so that people  could take one as they pleased and keep it for when they need that little lift. I’m hoping that this little act of kindness will go along way and that hopefully I can create more and place them in more locations because you never know who needs that little bit of positivity so I want to sprinkle positivity like its glitter. You can never have too much glitter at the end of the day and that’s the same for being positive.

Apart from that i’ve been trying my hardest to get these meet up sessions in place by researching things so I can type up sheets for the folder so people can look through to select sheets they want and take them home if they wanted. I’ve also had some meetings with people for advice and guidance with this all which couldn’t have gone better! so fingers crossed!
I’ve also got through a selection process to do peer mentor training which is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I cant wait to start as it will give me so much experience personally and professionally and i’ll have the chance to help others like myself which is my dream.
So as you can tell it’s been pretty busy too.

Quick question
I wanted to ask you guys some questions as I really want to do a give away on my page as a thank you to all that follow and support this. I wanted to do a box full of pick me up supplies that could be used for the days they feel low and it would have things they can use everyday.
With this in mind, what things pick you up? what are your favourite essentials?

Please feel free to comment your answers on here or message me on:


Like always, please feel free to message me with any questions etc and if you’re feeling nice please feel free to fill out the feedback form that’s on here so i know how to improve and make this better for you all.

Many thanks

never give up hope

Shannon xo

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